Kuriyas (kuriyas.com) is an e-commerce platform that allows sellers to deliver affordable goods and provide convenient services to consumers. 

Our food delivery, grocery shopping mart, logistics and pharmacy sites enable sellers to take their products online to reach and better serve more consumers.

Using the power of technology, Kuriyas is bringing local African businesses online to deliver goods and services to consumers conveniently; connecting people and growing African economies

Our food delivery site Kuriyas Food provides a curated list of restaurants’ menus for buyers to order their meals online for home delivery

Our order fulfillment service Kuriyas Fulfillment provides storage and next-day delivery services for sellers to warehouse and deliver their products to their customers interstate saving them time and money.

Our Supermart site provides a curated list of supermarket fresh groceries and everyday essentials for customers to order online for home delivery.

Our Pharmacy site provides list of partner vendors medication and personal care products for customers to order online for home delivery.